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At a glance. 

From a group of free-lance performers at its beginnings in 2013, Cosmic Co- Motion is a major British Columbia -based organization providing high-quality artistic entertainment. 

Besides producing renowned shows, Cosmic Co- Motion has extended its creative approach to a large variety of entertainment forms such as special events, multimedia projects and immersive experiences. Going beyond its various creations, Cosmic Co- Motion aims to make a positive impact through Creativity and Art.

Heather Gordon is the Founder and Owner of Cosmic Co- Motion,  as well as a performance artist. Heather is a creative director and produces unique shows with her team. As a performance artist, Heather specializes in Aerial Acrobatics, Fire Dancing, Circus and Acting. Having performed her entire life in gymnastics, figureskating, and cheerleading, Heather continues to use her skills to grow with her community. She has appeared as a feature in Icon Okanagan & Okanagan Woman Magazine and been on stage recently with Cosmic Co- Motion at The Commodore Ballroom with Stickybuds, Shambhala Music Festival, and the Okanagan Bridal & Grad Expo. Heather wants to inspire others to search for their own creative outlet and let their light shine 

Heather Gordon
Founder/ Owner

Let's create a unique experience.

We want to inspire

Selah Paquette is an experienced Creative Director  and Producer of Cosmic Co- Motion. Born with a passion for creativity and art, Selah is following her dream of being a performance artist. Selah has produced over 6 major productions and specializes in Aerial Lyra, Aerial Cube, Pole, Dancing, LED Shows, Fire Dancing, and Acting. Inspired by her identical twin sister, Selah first developed the love for art, photography and modeling. This led into synchronized swimming then teaching her flow, movement and team work, which she applies to all her work. Selah wants to inspire others to find their passion and not be afraid to try! You never know what might happen if you do. You could even become a crazy circus freak ;)

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Selah Paquette

Let's make a difference

Ash Mac is a Creative Director and Producer of Cosmic Co Motion, as well as a Performance Artist. Ash works with the Cosmic Co Motion team to create and develop concepts and shows, as well as manage finances, along with social media development. Ash also works in Film and Television Production, and for a variety of Festivals around Canada and the USA. As a performance artist, Ash is trained in Aerial Acrobatics, Fire and LED prop manipulation, Hip-Hop, Burlesque, and Contemporary dancing. She has performed for a variety of events including Burningman and Shambhala Music Festival. Ash is dedicated to her art because she wants to create content that attracts and inspires her audience to innovate their ideas and projects, and, follow through with them. She wants to use her various work experience to help Cosmic Co Motion expand and become a leading international entertainment company. Being able to use all her artistic interests at once gets Ash excited to be apart of Cosmic Co Motion. Ash enjoys traveling, writing, painting, as well as jamming with her identical twin sister. 

Ashley MacIvor

We want to make it memorable

Jessie is a diverse performer who is excited to keep growing as an artist and hopes to inspire others to chase their dreams. From dancing, to clowning and aerial acrobatics, Jessie is always pushing the limits and, learning new skills  with passion that shines in everything she does. As a child, Jessie began her exploration of movement through gymnastics, and, soon discovered her love of dance. She has training in a variety of styles of dance such as ballet, hip-hop, jazz, go-go and burlesque. After moving to Kelowna, BC to study Human Kinetics, Jessie joined forces with Cosmic Co- Motion and has since expanded her creative repertoire to include single and double pole, aerial pole, stilting, lyra, trapeze, Spanish web and fire dancing! 

Jessie Harbron